Istanbuł boat yacht cross Bosfor

Boat ferries in Istanbul, also known as “vapur” in Turkish, are an important mode of transportation for locals and tourists alike. These ferries are operated by Istanbul Seabuses (İDO) and they provide regular services across the Bosphorus Strait, which separates the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.

There are several ferry routes that operate throughout the day, connecting different neighborhoods and districts of Istanbul. Some of the popular routes include the Eminönü-Kadıköy route, the Kabataş-Üsküdar route, and the Beşiktaş-Üsküdar route.

The boats themselves are large and can carry hundreds of passengers at once. They are generally well-maintained and offer comfortable seating areas, as well as cafes and snack bars where passengers can buy refreshments.

Ferry tickets can be purchased at designated ticket offices located at the ports, or online through the İDO website or mobile app. The cost of the ferry ride varies depending on the distance traveled, but fares are generally affordable and cheaper than other modes of transportation such as taxis or private boats.

Overall, taking a boat ferry in Istanbul is not only a convenient way to get around the city, but it also offers stunning views of the Bosphorus and the iconic landmarks of Istanbul such as the Topkapi Palace, the Maiden’s Tower, and the Hagia Sophia.